At+set_config=lora:class:1 failed with error 2

What to change device to class B
at+set_config=lora:class:1 failed with error 2

RAK serial port tool connected to RAK4200 module and command sent from there


at+set_config=lora:class:1 f

Dear Ruibo,

So regret!The RAK4200 module can’t support classB,So you can’t switch class:1.

Do you want to use classB mode?Perhaps you can choose RAK7431!

Best regards!

Thanks for the quick reply.
Are there any modules support both Class B and Class C on top of Class A?
I checked RAK7431 only support Class C and it is a MODBUS to Lorawan bridge, not the kind of Lorawan module like RAK4200

Dear Ruibo,

No, RAK4200 supports Lorawan protocol 1.0.2, which only supports classA and classC, while RAK7431 supports Lorawan protocol 1.0.3, so classA, classB and classC can be used.

Thanks for the quick reply Nicholas.
2 more questions for you:
Is it possible to upgrade the firmware of RAK4200 to support 1.0.3?
is there a plan to support 1.1 in any of your product?

Dear Ruibo,

It’s not planned at the moment, maybe in the near future, but it’s not expected!

Is it possible to upgrade the firmware of RAK4200 to support 1.0.3?

Dear Ruibo,

We haven’t upgrade the firmware of RAK4200,But you can do it by yourself!

We can? Great! Can we have the link to the source code please?

Dear Nick,

Maybe you didn’t understand.

You must compile with the source code from the official website, using only the RAK4200 hardware!

Which official site?

Dear Nick,

Semtech Official node source code!

Just checking that’s what you had in mind!