Auto Data Recovery


I am developing a system with the Gateway RAK7268CV2 in the Packet Forwarder mode with the Semtech UDP GWMP Protocol and the Auto Data Recovery feature enabled and we send the data to Chirpstack Gateway Bridge. For us is very important that all the data is sended, so when the gateway is diconnected for a long time, I need that all data will be sended again to Chirpstack.
However, im testing the system and when the connection is restored, not all the lost data stored in the SD is being forwarded. I think is a problem with the Frame Counter and the LoRaWAN protocol, but i dont understand why the messages are not forwarded in the correct order, due to the use of a FIFO buffer.
I also read the Forum and i founded more people with the same problems, but not a solution.

My question is: Is the Gateway able to send the data in correct order after a disconnection of more than an hour, without the problems of the Frame Counter (Fcnt)? Is there another solution to this problem?