Autonomy competition rak3172

hello everyone, I would like to know the autonomy obtained with a rak3172 and at least one sensor attached to the device, obviously on battery, please indicate the hardware used and the power of the battery and finally the frequency of sending the data, the one which will have the longest life will win a washing machine :grin: :grin: :grin:

Hi @fanfan6966 ,

The size of battery you need to use mainly depend how long you want the RAK3172 last without charging, what sensors is attached (how much it consumes) and how frequent you need to transmit data (the more frequent it is, more power is needed). Basically, it is about how much current is consumed on each state of the device like if it is sleeping/idle, reading sensor data, transmitting, etc.

As for the frequency, it doesnt really matter. What matters more is the datarate on which you send the data. Lower datarate (higher spreading factor) activates the device radio longer during transmission which can really affect the battery life.

hello, yes you are right, I am counting on users for data of this kind of information, I want a rough photograph of the different systems used, for me data of the tracks to explore because I am currently testing different transmission systems.