BAK811 freezes when reads happen to close

BAK811 freezes on UART reads
Orange Pi PC plus, Armbian, RAK811, Ararat Synaser serial library
When doing UART reads in rapid succession 811 becomes non-reponsive. Adding 10mS pause betwen reads usually fixes this, but not always. This is not consistent across different Pi/811 setups. (We have several).

Thank you

Most of the common micro-controllers, Arduino particularly, have a measurable % error in clock rate at the default 115200 baud that a RAK811 ships as set to.

So you are well advised to connect via a serial to USB cable and use the RAK serial tool to set it to something slower - many suggestions are 9600 but I hear that 57600 is about the upper limit.

DOH! Have heard of this phenomenon before. Never connected them. Will try this out, thanks