Basicstation for rak7249

do we have basicstation available in rak7249 ? this will solve lot of existing problems.

Hi @abhishek2101

Basic Station is not available for the RAK7249 yet.
Can you please give a more comprehensive explanation of the existing problems you are referring to and how exactly basic station is going to address those?
This would be a helpful reference sheet to aim for.


Below are the problems we are facing

  1. How to do Secure data transmission between gateway and TTN

  2. No easy way of remotely updating firmware and managing multiple gateways

Hi @abhishek2101,

Issues 1: Not sure this will be possible, as TTN is not oriented for supporting anything than the Packet forwarder, right? I admit not competent here.

Issues 2: RAK is working on WisDM, its own cloud monitoring and management solution. This will allow for OTA update and management of Gateways.


TTN does support basic station, so if RAK supports it on 7249 we can create a secure connection for data transfer.

Hi @abhishek2101
As @Hobo said, TTN (the things network community) does not support WebSocket yet. Where you get this information that is supported?
Only The Things Industries (have to pay for this) support it.

Please, if i am wrong, give us some docs or links…


i am using the v3 stack already.