BasicStation on DIY gateway


Is BasicStation supported on outdoor DIY gateway ?

Could you please elaborate what BasicStation is, I would be interested to learn about it as I never heard of it?

HI ,
it don’t support that now . maybe in future .

Hmm… seems interesting. It is basically a collection of tools and good dpractices in a software package.
I couldn’t find who is the creator. I saw that it supports RPi B3+ IMST iC880A Shield, so it should work on the PoC gateways. Seems nice I think I am going to try it on my RAK831. Thanks for asking about it, gave me a nice suggestion for a build :slight_smile:

let us know how it works for you.

Will do. Might take some time as I got other stuff to do first. However I think it will make the RAK831 a lot better with the inclusion of the additional software feature set of the BasicStation. I believe there is a lot more there than the basic Semtec packet forwarder + TTN combo:)
Thanks again for the suggestion.

Hi, @abhishek2101

We’re developing it on RAK2245+RPi, but now meeting some problems, it may take some days to fix these problems. After that, we can porting it to DIY gateway.

Hi, @Hobo

That’s great! If it works on RAK831, please let me know.:blush:
Waiting for your good news!

Thanks for the info.

Weee you able to do this ?

Hi Jain,

We are working on it, as we were busy with the RAK831 and RAK5205, however my colleagues is on it and by the end of the week we will know where we stand. I do not expect it to work right away or function fully. I hope with some assistance from Fomi we will make it work eventually.

Did you get a chance to get this working ?

So far no success. @velev could you please give some feedback, I think you are more knowledgeable than me :slight_smile:

I am little busy these days… :smiley: But i keep digging on it.
BasicStation run (in some ways :slight_smile: ) on RAK831. The semtech test server cannot be accessed due to certificate problems! The Station to Packet Forwarder Protocol Bridge (st2pkfwd) seems to work but i have some problems with python environment. So for now i have nothing usefull . I’ll keep you posted if any progress :smiley:

Thanks for the update. Seems RAK internal@fomi also need similar issue in basic station. Look forward your result if have.

Hi all,

I’m glad to announce that we’ve just let RAK2245 Pi HAT to work with Basic Station successfully!

I’ll update more information after more testing.

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Good news.

Keep us posted of further results.

How is the testing going ?

Does that mean it will work with the outdoor gateway also ?

Hi, @abhishek2101

It just work on RAK2245/Pilot gateway pro which is based on RPi now, not the outdoor gateway yet.
I’ll update the source code on Github this week.