Battery Life Estimation

Hello guys,
i have measured my power consumption during sleep and operation for one hour and it’s around 50ua using PPII, now i want to know what battery size I’ll need to guarantee at least 3 years of operation?

Should i just assume the following formula:

(50ua/1000)ma * 24hours*(3years*365day) = 1314ma + (discharge rate ~15%)= 1500ma

will that be correct?

Hi @JayjJay

Your formula is missing the power consumption during LoRa packet transmission. If you are sending only every hour or even less frequently you might ignore it, but if you send every 1 minute or 10 minutes, you should consider to add it.

Hi @beegee
actually the 50ua/hour average includes the LoRa packet transmission Join and one transmission…
see attached screenshot:

given the above screenshot, so would the formula above be correct in assuming the battery size, or should i calculate my power consumption differently given the above numbers?

With the transmission and everything else inside the 50uA average your formula should be ok.

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