Battery polarity Wisblock starter kit RAK4631 / RAK19007


Im currently building a solar powered RAK 19007 RAK 4631 Meshtastic node. I’ve been warned about polarity on the JST connector for the battery.
I think this is wrong polarity?

EDIT: Picture above show the WRONG polarity.

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Wherever you found that picture, IT IS WRONG

If you look on the PCB, you see the PLUS sign printed that marks the positive pole of the battery and the solar panel input.

Thank you for reply, I took that picture when i was trying to figure it out!

Don’t really want to open the JST connector so fixed it this way. Had to solder on some batteries anyway.

The problem is, there is NO standard on these JST connectors. I bought battery cables with JST connector two times from a local shop, one time it fit directly with WisBlock, the second delivery was reverse :sob:

I found out there is no reverse polarity protection… Is there a plan in the future to implement some protection since this is apparently quite an issue? I have a box full of RC flight batteries with reverse polarity from the Wisblock.