BC95-G unexpected behavior

I bought RAK8211-G from DigiKey.ca lately. I’m programming the MCU with Mbed. At the moment, not trying to do anything advanced, just trying to pass the first AT Command between the MCU and the BC95-G modem. Following is the unexpected behaviors:

  • The default Baud Rate of the BC95 is supposedly 9600, but it actually sends messages with 115200. The 9600 didn’t work.

  • According to Quectel AT Commands manual of the BC95 and BC95-G, the modem should send Neul then OK after booting, but it actually sends HI2155-ssb-codeloader every time it’s power-cycled. It’s as if the modem is not loaded with firmware!

  • The modem does not respond to any AT Command from the MCU. The modem only sends the patter above upon restart and that’s it!