Best combination of Gateway & Antenna


I have setup two gateways using the Rak831 and the Rak2243, which are working pretty well in terms of it’s functioning. Now, I am wondering how to provide clients with the best combination of Gateway (with regard to channels, sensitivity, etc.) and antenna (with regard to radiation characteristics). Due to EU regulations, the antenna may have a maximum gain of 2.15dbi for the 868Mhz band.

So far, I have tested following antennas:

  1. Designed for GSM, therefore quite broad band and eventually not the best solution for LoRaWAN

DELOCK 89529 GSM-Antenne, Schraub-/ Wandmontage, LTE UMTS SMA 3 dBi, 3 m

  1. Designed for LoRaWAN and stays within the dbi regulations:

DELOCK 89637 LoRa 868 MHz Antenne N Stecker 2,09 dBi omni starr outdoor

I hope you don’t mind if I have a list of questions :)…

  1. Which is your best Gateway currently?
  2. What Gateway antenna (and eventually also node antenna) do you recommend?
  3. What cables to use to make a proper connection between either the SMA or the U.fl adapter of the RAK gateways and the antenna (N-Jack)
  4. We are thinking of installing the antenna at a place that is aorund 50m away from the Gateway. Do you think that’s feasible or does the cable cause too much damping? Which cable can you recommend for htis case?

Thank you!