Best Gateway , Rak831,etc

For LoRa Wan ,which is the best gateway module Rak831, etc

Depends on what interface you need and what you’re trying to do with it. 831 is header pin based and uses SPI. 833 uses mpcie and is USB or SPI. Then there is the newer boards that I don’t have much experience with like the 2247 which is an update of the 833.

Hi @mickey,

RAK has the following Gateway modules:

RAK831 - works together with Raspberry Pi - you need a carrier board (with GPS) for it to work with the RPi

RAK833 is as mentioned the RAK831 in mPCIe form factor with SPI/USB interface. No GPS here.

RAK2245 Pi HAT is the upgraded RAK831 - GPS is integrated, Max Tx power is increased, interference resistance is improved. Heatsink come attached.

RAK2247 - same as RAK833, but upgraded to match the new line, more power, better interf resistance, heatsink.

Than there are the Gateways, which integrate one of the above together with an MCU:

RAK7243 - Indoor, metal casing. Has RAK2245 together with the RPi, optionally you can get it with LTE support.

RAK7258 - Indoor, MTK board running a RAK2246. This works with OpenWRT, software is not open like on the RPi. Also LTE option available.

RAK7249 - This is the outdoor unit. Same internals as RAK7258, but with the option to have 2x RAK2247. IP67 casing, bigger antennas, PoE protection against lightning, etc, etc.


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