BG96 keeps rebooting

Hello guys,

After issuing the AT command AT&F0 to reset the BG96 to factory default settings, it keeps rebooting like this:

  • blue LED status on for 3 secs
  • blue LED off for 4,4 secs

I can’t issue AT commands anymore, the BG96 doesn’t answer.

Do you know what is going on?
How to solve this?


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By removing the SIM card and booting without SIM managed to stop the “reboot loop”.

It seems the BG96 is rebooting when trying to connect to a network it cannot find: AT+COPS=? doesn’t find all networks.

Any idea of what would cause this behavior?


Hi Pierre ,

It has couple cases to have this happening .
1, Module reboot itself .
Registration process would consume some power , if power supply is not enough . module will power off / On periodically . In this case pls check VBAT pin of BG96 module if there is voltage drop .

2, AT+COPS=? was used to scan the network , in this case module will increase tx power to talk with cells . If power supply is not enough , reboot would happen.
or early firmware of BG96 may have this bug with AT+COPS command . pls send the IMEI , then we can find what firmware it is .

3, Module was reboot by MCU , while some ERROR returns , MCU will reset the module . So pls check if there is ERROR happens after AT command .

4, There is another case , module it is in PSM power saving mode . Pls check AT+CPSMS? if it is 0


Hi Rick,

Thanks for the infos, here are the details:

  1. The module is a RAK5010 powered by USB
  2. The reboot loop happened without any AT commands sent. IMEI is 862061046197017
  3. No errors output
  4. PSM is 0

New observations:

  • The carrier is not found by the BG96 but has full signal in my phone
  • The carrier used to be found before the AT&F0 factory default reset

Do you know if some bands should be enabled manually?

Also, there are apparent traces of glue on top of the BG96 module, is this normal? do you think that maybe I received a “not brand new” RAK5010?


Pierre , Where did you make the test ?
BG96 is CatM1 module , not regular LTE .
Is rebooting issue still happen ? or just Not happen without SIM .
The firmware tracking by above IMEI , it is MP version , should be fine . Pls help to check

then we may consider to re-flash the firmware .

Hi @rick,
Thanks for helping, here are the results:

Revision: BG96MAR02A07M1G


+CFUN: 1

+QCFG: “nwscanmode”,0

+QCFG: “iotopmode”,0

+QCFG: “band”,0xf,0x400a0e189f,0xa0e189f

Rebooting loop happens when the tracker can’t find the network, in a low signal environment.

Do you think the provided antenna is not good enough? Can I use a better antenna maybe? my phone can find the network in the low signal environment (2/4 bars) but not the tracker.

Hi Pierre ,

Did module register network ? Checking by command AT+COPS?
You could manage to force module to register CATM to check the situation via command

then restart it . check