Black spot miner stopped working

Ever since light hotspots was released my miner has been completely down! Going on 2 weeks now! Absolutely nothing! I’ve read about issues that came up and a solution via update handed down through our manufacturer… what does this mean for my hotspot? Am I screwed? I have anMNTD HELIUM BLACKSPOT MINER. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Please don’t link me to the useless discord server!

Hi @Jameswham ,

I would monitor the official announcement channel for Helium here:

Any updates that we bring are announced there. The situation right now is what you described for a lot of owners, myself included. There are some issues on the Validator side, some on the firmware side (a process is stalling so witnessing can’t happen, etc.).
Screwed I would not say that, however there will be more downtime I expect. Just to be sure this is not something caused by your miner hardware being faulty and will not require any action on your part to get fixed. I expect this will be resolved slowly over time, little by little with a number of automatic updates.


Thank you for a response!! I appreciate it! So should I leave my minor plugged in or should I give it a break and unplug it? Probably leave it plugged in for when updates come down?

I would leave it connected, also join our Discord channel for real time troubleshooting, for things that are in our control that is.