BLE Firmware Update

I’m using the RAK5010 with custom firmware/software as an Arduino device. I’ve used J-Flash to put the new firmware on and the Arduino IDE through the USB port to update the software on my device.

Now that I’m using a custom firmware based on the Feather_NRF52840 I don’t have the ability to update the software using BLE. As posted here:

RAK5010-M Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

So, my questions… to build in my own BLE update process is it at the Firmware level (Feather) or is it at my software level? Any advise on how to proceed with a BLE/DFU update process?

My device is getting potted so access to the USB port is blocked and once it’s potted, I’m stuck with the software version last put on.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @InlineTechnology ,

Can you try first if you can upload the BLE DFU package of the default RAK5010 firmware? If it can work, then there could be issue on the Feather based custom firmware.

If you program the RAK5010 with Arduino, I think you can implement BLE OTA DFU with this BLE OTA example.

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