Hello all,

I know the standard RAK-4631 library includes BLE OTA DFU, but is the same possible within RUI? If not, are there plans to add it in the near future?

Hello @cmod ,

OTA DFU is supported by RUI3 natively:

You can use our WisToolBox to do OTA DFU and as well setup LoRa P2P and LoRaWAN.
WisToolBox is still in beta, but we can add you to the Beta tester group if you are interested. It is available for Arduino, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux.
Some WisToolBox screenshots from my Android phone:

That is great! I’d be extremely interested in participating in the beta. Just let me know what I need to do to join and I’ll do so. Ideally it would be possible that we could share access to the app to our clients for the prototype we are building within the next month or two as well. Would this be possible?

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