When creating a custom RUI application, how do you add DFU support to the BLE or is it natively supported once you switch BLE on and set to advertising mode?

After making a custom RUI application, I just need to use the nordic DFU app? How do I package the custom RUI application to be used for a DFU upgrade?

Is there a way to persist data on the RAK4600 module over a DFU update?


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Maybe you can refer DFU update to complete!

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Thank you for the link but that link answered none of my questions. I know how to dfu update already. How it works with RUI is my question.

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Dear Steve,

All you have to do is compile on the RUI platform, and the DFU file will be included in the zip download. You just need to download it.

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Hello all,

Are there any more updates on this point? Would very much like to be able to do BLE OTA DFU on RUI

Hi @cmod ,

RAK4600 already supports BLE OTA DFU if you build your firmware via the old RUI V2.

Oh interesting, I wasn’t aware there was an older version of RUI. Are there an older set of docs?

What’s the biggest differences between v2 and 3?

Is there a rough estimate as to when BLE OTA DFU will be implemented in v3? Thank you in advance for your response!

RAK4600 will not be supported by RUI3.

There are few improvements in RUI3 like offline compilation, different serial modes, better BLE APIs, compatibility with WisToolBox, etc.

Sorry meant to clarify my application uses RAK4630

For RAK4630, you can refer on @beegee 's reply here :slight_smile: