BLE Radio Test in RAK5010 - Unable to transmit on custom frequency

Issue: Hi RAK Team,
We are conducting the wireless BLE Radio testing for our product certification based on RAK5010 board.

We require to test RF power test on any custom frequency channel between 2.400 GHz to 2.4800 GHz.

I developed the code for BLE Radio Test based on Radio Test example given by Nordic. Please find the link.

But I am unable to transmit on specific frequency. It always transmit on 37,38 and 39 channel.

Is that any firmware for BLE Radio test from RAK ?. If yes please share.

Please find below part of code and help me to set custom frequency and transmit on it.


Please find below code.


Hi @Bhvaik318 ,

We do not have BLE Radio Test firmwaare for RAK5010. Maybe you can try to directly use the CLI command from Nordic Semiconductor? Btw, I am not sure why you are sending an old version of the NRF5 SDK. This should be the latest one.

Thanks Carlowan for reply.

I am using latest SDK only Nordic Semiconductor Infocenter

I shared earlier link for ref. only.

I tried to develop custom code with ref. to SDK example but it’s not working. RAK5010 outputs on 37,38,39. It’s not getting output on custom selected channe.

Is there any way to porting nRF SDK example code directly in RAK5010 for BLE Radio Test only.

Also please share firmware which you may have used for RAK5010 BLE wireless certification as stated in test reports.


I haven’t tried yet but maybe you can upload directly the pre-compiled RF test via Jlink or RAKDAP1 then execute the CLI - nRF5 SDK v17.1.0: Running precompiled examples

I tried precompiled firmware but it’s not supporting for RAK5010. Unable to detect serial port that can be used for CLI.