Bluetooth and UWB cannot work together

Hi, I am using RAK4631 and UWB module RAK13801 and I need to need to discover near devices using Bluetooth and then getting the distance using the UWB module of these devices. But for some reason it cannot be possible, because I am getting cut UWB connections.

I’m using bluefruit library to use BLE with nrf52 MCU and UWB library by default. I am not pretty sure if it is a hardware resource incompatibility, interrupt handlers or RF interference, but the UWB connection is stopped after some seconds of bluetooth scanning.

Maybe, you can help me with that @carlrowan

Hi @AntonioDominguez ,

I haven’t played that much on UWB indoor position or even basic distance measurement. But if you have a code that you want me to run to verify/validate. I can have it setup and test with my RAK4631 and UWB module - RAK13801. You can send it to me as a private message if needed.

Btw, RAK11200 has bluetooth as well and based on ESP32.

Hi @carlrowan I sent you a private message. Please Check it.