Bluetooth not showing up on phone after updating

hi it was to ask how i can fix my bluetooth connection of my wisblock. after updating the bootloader and firmware it doesn’t show up on my phone anymore. when i just plugged it in the usb before updating it it did showed up on my phone. any info on what i did wrong maybe

PS. i’m quite new to this

Welcome to RAK forum @cybe13 ,

I will assume you are using RAK4631 WisBlock Core.

What is the application code you uploaded? If the WisBlock Core is empty (BLE features not enabled), you will not be able to scan it.

Also, after updating the bootloader, the application on the RAK4631 is deleted and you need to re-flash it.

i don’t know if its separate but after updating the bootloader i put the meshstastic firmware in it. if it’s separate could you maybe give me a link or tip where i can get the files with info on how to upload the application?

Meshtastic has its own tool to flash their firmware. I am not familiar with Meshtastic, you might look in their forum for an answer.