BME680 / BSEC library error

while using the BME simple example works fine, the BSEC library gives me errors
“\libraries\BSEC_Software_Library\src\cortex-m4 -mfpu=fpv4-sp-d16 -mfloat-abi=hard\fpv4-sp-d16-hard” not found

I tried the arduino forums and i am on the latest version of arduino and bsec.

Bosch changed the library in the last version and compiler flags have to be changed.
Until we figured out what is required to be change in the Arduino BSP, please downgrade to version 1.5.1474 of the Bosch BSEC library.
We are working on the issue.

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Thanks again Bernd, moved to the old bsec and it works. (just some warnings)
on the other hand, i noticed that IAQ is always 25, CO2e always 500, and VOCe also always 0.5. … so i am not sure if the values are any good.
only tem, humidity, pressure and gas are good. I guess it makes sense to stick to the cube library for now. and try to calculate the IAQ on the server.

The Bosch library has to drive the sequence of measurements to calculate the IAQ which means it has to be run locally.

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The IAQ algo take at least 30 seconds before you see a valid output.

Personally I gave up on the BSEC library and on using the gas sensor of the BME680.
I tested two BME680, next to each other.
When I activate the gas sensor (which includes a heating interval), the temperature is up to 3 deg C higher than on the second sensor with the gas sensor disabled. Same in comparison with a SHT35 temp&humid sensor.

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I’m beginning to suspect it’s got too much marketing going on - hence the closed library. I shall invent something and add ‘International’ at the front to lend it some quasi-official status.

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