Bobcat Miner Outdoor Enclosure

I am going to order the Bobcat Miner Outdoor Enclosure. I want to make sure I order the correct cable that will connect to my antenna. The Outdoor Enclosure comes with a lead wire RP-SMA Male which connects to miner and the other end is N-Type female. Which Pulsar or LMR-400 wire connects from the enclosure to my antenna? I am assuming it is the Pulsar cable N-Type Male / N-Type Female.


Hello @daver6640 and welcome to the forum.

Yes, you are correct. You will need RAK9731 N-Type Male / N-Type Female Pulsar cable to connect your antenna to the enclosure.

But, if you are going to use the 12dBi Directional antenna, then you will need to buy RAK9732 N-Type Male to N-Type Male.


Ok, I understand thank you.

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