Bootloader 3.0.4

hi… where can i get bootloader v3.0.4 for RAK5205 node? thanks

Dear @fakhrurrazi,

Which firmware do you want to use?

Best regards!

hi @Nicholas… firmware v3.0.0.14… or custum firmware rui 2.0…

Hi @fakhrurrazi All versions of up) firmware and up will include the bootloader in the file. So if you want to use the RUI2.0 Compiler, the bootloader will be in the compiled *.bin file already.
But if you need to upgrade from the old version to up). You need to flash the base RAK811 HEX from here RAK811 with STM32 Cube programmer(need to put a jumper on boot pin :slight_smile: )
Then you can update the new firmware generated from RUI2.0 normally with the DFU tool.


thank you… i understand it now…

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