Bring up RAK7248 LoRa gateway

[4:19 PM] Aggarwal, Raghav (ADV D IN PAMC MI HW-FW)

Hello ,

We are trying to bring up RAK7248 LoRa gateway.

For this, we have flashed firmware v 4.2.7_20210121 obtained from here: WisGate Developer Gateway Firmware Setup | RAKwireless Documentation Center into SD card using Balena etcher tool.

Flashing the firmware into SD card results in validation failure using balena etcher tool.

On installing this SD card onto gateway, we don’t see RAK_WirelessXX as access point and neither we are able to login into gateway using ssh over ethernet. We have followed steps listed here RAK7248 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center.

On connecting display to gateway, we see following error :


Can you please advise us what might be going wrong and how to resolve this issue?

WisGate Developer Gateway Firmware Setup

This document is a sample demonstration on how to burn the latest firmware of the WisGate Developer Series.

Hello @Deekshith ,
What is the error because “[image]” is not showing anything?

@Deekshith ,
Install fresh Rasppbian to the SD card and then use RAK_cummon_for_gateways to do the job.

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Nikola Semov