Buying 'bare' RAK2270s

I have a possible use for ‘bare’ RAK2270s - just need the sticker, the EUI/key in a spreadsheet for a small-to-moderate volume, and it doesn’t need to be provisioned for TrackPac. How can I order this?

Hi @danak6jq ,

We can support this. I sent you a private message here in our forum. Please check your inbox. Thanks!

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Hello Carl:

We have similar requirements… We would like to buy few samples to test the integration with our own platform. I want to buy sticker trackers but I want to be sure I will get the LoRaWAN keys and be able to onboard in our LNS server.

Can you guys support this? Can you point me to the right person to work on this (in case you can’t help)?


Welcome to forum @easy-track ,

We will be able to support this and working on ways how to make the flow to private enterprises/platforms usecases (outside Helium network) smooth.

For now, can you please send a message here and share us some details about your usecase requirements, quantity and forecast. Please include in your message my name Carl Rowan and mention we already have initial discussion in forum.