Bypass reset switch for Battery powered RAK5005

If you power your WisBlock via USB then as soon as power is applied, the board starts up and runs the installed program.

However, if you disconnect form USB and power the board using a battery, when the power is applied, the board starts up, but the installed program is not run until you press the reset button.

This is not very useful when the unit is deployed in a remote location and a solar panel attached for charging; it is entirely possible that the battery will be discharged so much so that the MCU will stop operating until such time as the solar charger is able to kick in. The issue then is that we need to press the reset button in order to reboot the board and run the installed program.

Does anyone have any work arounds for this?

Hi @billr ,

Can you describe your WisBlock project? What sensors connected, etc.?

I just tested here in my bench a RAK4631 Core and our upcoming WisBlock Core RAK11310. Both proceeded on its main program (LED blinking) with battery power only.

That’s interesting, because I’ve just done the same (simple sketch) and just connecting the battery has the board working fine …

The dev board has:

GPS module
4631 Core module

We are using LoRa P2P

I see. If you can share the code, I can try it here with my RAK4631 and see if we will have the same response. I can have a look in the code too. Btw, if you prefer to directly message the code, that is fine as well. In case, I can send it to @beegee as well to have a look since he is the WisBlock master.