Can ADC resolution be changed to 12bit (see RAK5801)

In the code example for RAK5801, we divide the raw analog value by 1024 because the comment notes that the ADC is 10-bit resolution.

In the Battery Level code example, it states that the ADC is 12 bit, thus we divide by 4096.

Is there a way to get this added resolution for the ADC being used for the RAK5801? Can we simply use analogReadResolution(12) to set the default analog resolution to 12 bits? Is ADC1 automatically in 10-bit and ADC0 is in 12-bit mode by default? if we issue analogReadResolution(12), will both ADCs be in 12-bit mode at that point?

Thank you.

The default ADC resolution for RAK4631 is 10bits. If you set it to 12bits using analogReadResolution(12), both ADC0 and ADC1 will become 12bits in resolution.