Can I make a solar/battery solution wired to 12v 19002?

I have the 19002 module and I am powering this weather station wind sensor with the 12 volt panel. I have a separate 5v solar panel connected to power the rak because I know 12v would damage the board. I was wondering if I could use this module to somehow hook up the 12v panel to charge a battery for the wind sensor. If this is not the right module, is there a module where I could accomplish this? Also what battery would be best for the 12v solar panel to keep the wind sensor alive? Currently I am only planning on this being a backup power solution but in the future I might like to make a strictly solar/battery weather station so that’s why I was wondering. Thanks!

RAK19002 is a small boost converter designed for low power devices that works at 12V. It is not designed for charging batteries.

Probably you can have 12V panel then use a standard BUCK Step-down Converter to make it 5V-6V range that you can connect to the solar connector of WisBlock Base.

Use the RAK19004 and you can connect a 12V solar panel to WisBlock to recharge the battery.

solved the issue using 5801 module

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