Can I modify RX_WINDOW_DURATION in the latest firmware?

I am using a single channel gateway which has quite a few limitations with LoRaWAN. It requires the end node to have an extended receive window duration for OTAA and downlink message to work. I seems cannot find an AT command to do that.

An additional problem is that since I am using a single channel gateway, I have to set the end node to use one frequency only so I use the at+set_config=lora:ch_mask command to turn off all other channels. But I found them turn themselves back on automatically after transmission.

Can you take pictures of the single channel gateway and node you use? Because the firmware of single channel gateway and node is somewhat different from the standard version of gateway and node firmware.

I am using Dragino LG01N gateway with RAK811 and RAK4200 end node modules. Testing with a UART USB plugged in a PC, using AS923, specifically the gateway is set to 923.2MHz. The gateway’s documentation states that

According to the LoRaWAN class A spec, the end node will open two receive windows to get the
message from LoRaWAN server for OTAA or downlink function. These two receive windows are
quite short (milliseconds), if LoRa packet from the gateway can’t reach End Node in the receive
window time, the end node won’t get the rx message and Downlink / OTAA won’t work. In our example, the Arduino LMIC library is modified to enlarge the RX window to let OTAA &
downlink works.

Therefore, I want to change RX window on RAK811 with AT command.

View the version number of the node used by command: at+version

Firmware Version: RUI v3.0.0.12.H