Can I run RUI on wisnode(Alibaba version)

I bought your company’s Alibaba cloud indoor gateway products and Alibaba cloud wisnode development board suite.
Does the Alibaba cloud version of wisnode support the use of Rui for the secondary development of MCU just like the standard version of wisnode? If I can, do I need to download the source code of based on rak811 from GitHub and then download it to the development board after online compilation?
In addition, does the development board that has downloaded the program again have parameters such as pin code that are necessary to link with Alibaba cloud I? Does the triple parameter have an impact?
If you can’t operate like the standard version of the development board, how do you need to operate to carry out the secondary development of the alicloud development board?
In addition, my development requirements are attached
After the development board is powered on, I need to collect the voltage signal on the rak811 pin by ADC. After the collection, I periodically upload it to the Alibaba cloud Iot platform through Lora. I only need to realize this function. Please provide the corresponding application notes or manuals for guidance. Thank you!

Dear Stephenwcl,

You have already asked questions through our online communication platform, right?

I have forwarded this issue to our technical support in China, and he will get in touch with you on the online platform.

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Keep in mind that if you want to use RAK RUI with RAK811 yo need to power it with a stable 3.3v to use ADC, because the vref value is assumed 3.3v in ADC RUI code

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