Can I use RAK 7249 as a WiFi Gateway and LoRAWAN Gateway at same time

Hi - I’m evaluating the 7249 for use on my farm (1,000 acres) to collect sensor data from the paddocks. The 7249 will be located on the roof of my office with reasonably good line of sight to the remote sensor locations I need, some as far as 2km. However, as a separate requirement I also need to extend my office WiFi to other sheds around the home complex (100m radius around the office) and wondering if the WiFi antenna on the 7249 could be used for this purpose. As I read the literature it looks like it’s only used as a client for back-haul from 7249 to the network router. If this is not possible, do you have any recommendations on best way to create a wireless mesh network around the home complex? Thanks in advance.

You can use it as a Wi-Fi access point, utilizing the Backhaul connectivity (LTE or Eth). 100 m should be possible to cover.