Can i use the NVM memory in the RAK811 MCU stacked flash memory on RUI comfiler

Hi all
i have a question for flash data write in the RAK811 device stacked the flash memory
This MCU has 128Kbyte flash memory
can i use the memory for NVM part ?

best regard HR-Cho

Not sure what RUI may or may not support, but how much storage do you need? I believe the chip has 4K bytes of EEPROM which would be preferable to program flash for runtime data storage if your needs would fit. Putting data in program flash at runtime is in theory possible but in practice quite complicated, especially to make it work in the context of other software which is likely using much of the available flash.

Practically speaking if you are designing a board you may want to include an external memory device - will definitely be doing that on the next revision of the node I primarily work with, even if it doesn’t end up used or populated, it’s a good option to have.

hi cstratton
thank you for your quick refly
as you mention
can i use the EEPROM in the RAK811-H device (4Kbyte)
i can not found that interface function ( API of rui.h (common folder file))
i attache the download the rui open source

could you one more advice to me the EEPROM API name in RUI open source

i think this function is relate to flash memory (not eeprom)


best regards HR-Cho

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