Can I use this battery/solar panel to power my Rak 4631?

I have been struggling to find a solar/battery solution. I tore apart an old solar charger/battery and wired it to my rak and it powered both the wind sensor and the chip like I want. I just need to make sure it won’t damage my rak board. I attached a pic with the battery specs. I wired the battery to the battery input port on the rak. If this will damage my board, can I use the green module 19004 to step it down to safe levels? Will it be enough power after being limited to power both the wind sensor (12v thru 5801 module) and my rak chip? Really wanting this weather station to have solar and battery power. What is the max amps rak board can handle?

  1. can I power it with this solution
  2. if not, why not and can I use the 19004 to solve the issue and if I can’t do that what can I do?

Thank you


It seems it is 5V already so it can be directly connected to the USB input of the WisBlock Base or to the Solar Charger. You can probably put it to the battery terminal as well but wont recommend it since that port is for Li-Ion battery.

The only way I can get it to work the way I want to is by running it through the battery port