Can sx1303 in developer gateway be reprogrammed to another region?


Can the developer gateways reprogrammed from one region to other?
For eg, if I bought one for US915 and after testing send it to Europe or India, can this be reprogrammed to those frequencies?

Hello @dexterac,

It is not possible to switch between high and middle band frequencies (e.g. US915 to EU868).
But if you have a high band gateway (US915), you can switch to all other high band frequencies (AS923, KR920, AU915).
Same is with middle band (EU868, IN865, RU864)

Thank you Martin. This helps. What is the process to switch from US915 to AU915?

Switching the channel plans happens when configuring the gateway to a LNS in the user UI (sudo gateway-config):


Thank you. This helps.

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