Can´t upgrade the firmware properly

Hi, i have the RAK 4270 and i try to update the firmware with the examples for github repository (Products_practice_based_on_RUI_v2.0/based on RAK4270 at master · RAKWireless/Products_practice_based_on_RUI_v2.0 · GitHub).
When i programming the module (with ST-LINK V2) the firmware update correctly, but then the rak doesn´t do anything. I changed the code of AT-COMMANDS to print things by uart but nothing.
I don´t know what is the problem.

I also used the firmware of AT-COMMAND with out do any changes and doesn´t work either.

I have this main:

void main(void)
//RUI_LORA_STATUS_T app_lora_status;

rui_uart_init(RUI_UART2, BAUDRATE_115200);
rui_uart_mode_config(RUI_UART2 , 0);


RUI_LOG_PRINTF("Initialization OK\r\n");

uint8_t *dataRecived;
uint8_t *dataSend = "Hi RAK";

while (1)
    rui_uart_send(RUI_UART2 , dataSend,    strlen(dataSend));

    RUI_LOG_PRINTF("Data recived: %s\r\n", dataRecived);



Can you help me?

Welcome to RAK forum @FacuBarrionuevo .

Can you send me your code? I’ll compile and it try to my RAK4270.

Here’s my email - [email protected]

I already sent my code to your email,
Thanks !

Hi Carl, do you have any answer for my problem?

Hi @FacuBarrionuevo ,

Please check your email :slight_smile: