Can the RAK2287 USB Version be reconfigured to be SPI version instead?

Issue: Lab staff ordered the USB version of the RAK2287 instead of SPI version.

Setup: Raspberry Pi 4B + RAK5146/RAK2287

Server: N/A

Details: I am an IoT developer working for a wireless systems lab that must procure all material through “proper channels”. I put an order request for a RAK2287 SPI w/GPS, but instead the materials manager ordered the USB version without the mini PCIe to USB connector. My question is, since I do have the RAK5146 Pi Hat, am I able to use the RAK2287 USB version at all, or were the SPI lines not even routed in the USB version, rendering the module I possess completely useless without the PCIe-USB converter? I have installed the RAK2287 onto the RAK5146 Pi Hat, and subsequently onto the RasPi, however, after installing the firmware the LoRa Concentrator does not power up. To emphasize how I know I received the USB version, both the actual module and the plastic packaging say “RAK2287 USB w/GPS”. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The RAK2287 is a LoRaWAN concentrator module manufactured by RAK Wireless. The USB version of the RAK2287 is designed to connect directly to a USB port and communicate with the host device using USB protocol.

On the other hand, the SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) version of the RAK2287 is designed to interface with a host device using the SPI protocol, which is a different communication protocol war robots mod apk compared to USB.

Hi Anderson,
I’m very familiar with SPI and USB being different protocols, but your response doesn’t address my question. Essentially, I’m asking if the USB version has the infrastructure available to be used as a SPI device since I am unable to use the USB version for my application. Sometimes manufacturers populate all the required routing when a product has different versions, and all the developer has to do is reprogram the device in order to interface with it via the other protocols available. Particularly, the provided schematic for the RAK2287 details that the USB and SPI pins are present, so I’m unsure why I wouldn’t be able to re-purpose the RAK2287 USB variant to utilize the SPI interface instead. See below for the schematic I’m referencing:

Through visual inspection of the physical hardware, I see that the SPI pins do not have traces routed on the USB version of the RAK2287.

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