Can the RAK7268 force devices to prefer 1 gateway when multiple are available

Issue: We would like to have specific devices connect to a “CI/CD RAK7268 gateway” when other gateways are available

Setup: Multiple Lora devices posting messages, two or more RAK7268 in a small office

LoRa® Server: AWS IoT Core

Details: We are interested in being able to whitelist or blacklist “CI/CD” dedicated devices so that they only connect to the CI/CD gateway, without modifying firmware of the devices under test.

Hello @Dustin,

Always the gateway that responds first with the join accept will be the one communicating with the node, no way to configure that. But if all of the gateways use the same LNS it wouldn’t matter which one is handling the node as it will be the same LNS.

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov

Hello @Nikola,

We want to be able to make it so that a gateway will not respond to a join request for specific node. Do you think that is possible?

Best Regards,
Dustin Reynolds

Hello @Dustin ,

That is a very specific request :smiley: .
The only way I can think of is if your gateway is operating in Packet Forwarder mode you can white list all of your other nodes and this one will not be in the white list so its join requests will not be processed by the gateway.