Can US915 RAK2247 Concentrator SPI module can use in Thailand AS923-925 (“AS2”)

I know this is a stupid question.
I bought the wrong frequency one and it is out of return and refund period.
Can someone suggest to me whether US915 RAK2247 can be used for Thailand region?
And is there any other ways that I can use it in Thailand region?

Thank you so much for your kind attention.

If you have a US915 concentrator, you should be able to use it.

I did a quick check it is in the region plan (AS923-2)


Dear Carlrowan,

Can you give me some quick guideline?
I already create everything by following “Migrating TTN (The Things Stack) V2 to V3 for RAK Concentrator – Tutorials of Cytron Technologies” this link. But I can not connect to the gateway to TTN.

Best Regards,
K S Thar

And would you mind if you send me how to use RAK2247 to create LoRaWAN server on a local PC?
Thank you so much for your help.

This is our latest guide - Quick Start Guide for Raspberry Pi and RAK LPWAN Concentrators | RAKwireless Documentation Center

For TTN, have you check if your frequency band setting is correct and same with the gateway?