Can use arduino code to run WisDuino Evaluation Board RAK811!

I am not familiar with at-commands so can i use Arduino c programming is it supports arduino ide.
why i dont want to use at-command is because i want to write loops and all in coding for that i am asking please reply

thanks in advance

You can use Arduino code on WisDuino Board.

If you will use a real arduino and just use the WisDuino Board as a shield, you can use this library GitHub - RAKWireless/WisNode-Arduino-Library: This repo is used for Arduino board + WisNode-LoRa RAK811 board.. It has examples as well for OTAA and ABP.

If you want to use only the WisDuino and no external microcontroller (like arduino board), you can follow this guide Evaluation_Boards/RAK811 at master · RAKWireless/Evaluation_Boards · GitHub.

@carlrowan can i use wisduino board for commercial perpose!!

what is the difference between wisduino and wisnode!!

You can use it for commercial purposes.

WisDuino and WisNode, based on our discussion here with RAK811 Evaluation Board, is basically the same. We are pertaining to RAK811 Evaluation Board.

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@carlrowan how many pins rak811 evalution board will take from arduino. So i can use remaining pins for my application like i am asking about input output pins

It is best if you reserve three IO pins. That is for the reset, UART RX and UART TX of RAK811.

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oh nice . is RAK811 Evaluation Board supports every gateway from the RAK!!

Yes. It will work on all RAK Gateways (and other Gateways too) as long as the gateway and your RAK811 device operates at the same region like EU868, US915, etc.

@carlrowan i am from india . so we use 865mhz i gess . so it will same for both end device and gateways ryt!!

Yes should be the same for both. Else, it will not work.

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