Can WisLink LX200V30 Eval exceed 100Mbps?


We are evaluating data transfer speeds between two laptops’ 1Gbps Ethernet ports using LX200V30 WisLink Eval boards. Data is being transmitted and received using iperf3.

We are able to achieve around 90 Mbps, but we’re noticing that the 1Gbps Ethernet adapters are auto-negotiating the connection to the Eval boards at only 100Mbps.

This suggests that the end-to-end throughput is limited by the 100Mbps Ethernet connection, not by the data rate down the power lines, which is quoted at up to 500Mbps. Is this normal? Can the V30 Eval boards be configured to connect at 1Gbps?



Check the auto-negotiation settings on both the laptops and the LX200V30 WisLink Eval boards. Ensure that they are set to negotiate at the highest possible speed (1Gbps) instead of being limited to lower speeds like 100Mbps.