Can WisNode change fport value?

This is just a general question.

Rakwireless has several WisNode products.
Often these nodes transmits sensor data at a fixed FPORT.
Meaning a user can not change the fport value.

My question is there a WisNode where the user can change the fport value?

There are only four, so which one would you want to use?

They are all pretty tightly bound to the functionality they provide so I’d doubt there is an AT command to set the port - mostly the AT interface will be for setting keys - but you can review them all on the docs site.

The best bet for a port change would be the WisNode Sense as that has a RAK811 on it and can be reprogrammed.

What is the requirement that needs a port change - the uplink would be tied to the device - is it connected to payload formatters?

Hi Nick, thanks for the quick response. There is no specific requirement but i will check out the WisNode Sense documentation.

Hi @robertlie , If you are looking to change the fport of RAK7205/RAK5205, that is possible but you need to recompile the source code via RUI. You can’t change it via AT command.

@carlrowan, thanks that is what i needed to know.