Can you reassign Pins on RAK1920 to avoid pin conflicts with RAK1910 and RAK1904

I would like to use the below components together in a solution. Specifically, I would like to send data to a “slave” unit from my Rak solution using I2C (or another available GPIO protocol & pin set) e.g. connect my Rak solution to an Arduino.

I have used the Rak pin mapping spreadsheet and it has flagged a number of IO conflicts.

My solution build:

Component Type Rak Ref ID Component Name
Base RAK19007 WisBlock Base Board
Core RAK4630 WisBlock LPWAN Module
I/O RAK1920 WisBlock Sensor Adapter
SLOT A RAK1910 WisBlock GNSS Location Module
SLOT D RAK1904 WisBlock 3-axis Acceleration Sensor

The pins conflicting are:

According to the RAK4630 - WisCore datasheet, the Core has two sets of I2C pins (i.e. I2C_2) can I reassign RAK1920 to use PO.02_I2C_2 & PO.25_I2C_2 on the RAK4631/0 WisCore?

Also to avoid further conflicts, can I switch off the use of pins on RAK1920: IO1_Gove; (TX, RX & EN5V and INT Mikro; PIN1_I2C and PIN2_I2C)?

Please see my pin mapping output for further details.

Hello Josh,

The I2C pins are listed as potential conflicts, but as long as each I2C device on the bus has a different I2C address, there is no conflict.

  1. the pins on the RAk1920 are wired on the PCB and you cannot change the assignment without changes on the modules PCB
  2. If there is nothing connected on the RAK1920 to the conflicting pins, then you need to do nothing