Cannot connect to gateway over OVPN


RAK 7249
PRITUNL for OVPN server
3G connection

I configured my OVPN client on the gateway and it’s connected to the PRITUNL server.
I also configured TTN and it’s connected correctly.
I cannot connect ping the gateway through the VPN tunnel
I cannot connect over ssh through the VPN tunnel
I cannot connect to the web GUI through the VPN tunnel

→ The firewall rules are the default one.

I was looking at this old post without success:

→ Any idea of what I could do to make the ssh connection over the VPN tunnel?


Hello again.

After some reboots the systems connected correctly to the VPN and to TTN.
Nevertheless the connection is not stable. From time to time the gateways gets disconnected from the TTN server. Does any body have got the same problem?
It looks like a DNS problem or a problem with WISDM

Some screenshots here: