Cannot refresh arguing software to open the internal storage and use meshtastic

Hi my names matthew and i have a Rak4631 on a wisblock 5005 base now i believe i cannot convert to arduino sdk or bsp etc after accidently changing to rui3 when i used the wistoolbox app and updated its current firmware to 4.0.16 it show’s up in the app but I can’t convert it I’ve tried everything besides a rakdap1 but it will not enter bootloader the green light doesn’t come on but idk if it will with rui3 and idk what console comans in the app would help at+boot i don’t think does anything and idk how to get it to switch firmwares after trying Tera term and python to install the nrf52 stuff

This item was originally with arduino firmware but I accidently refreshed it and idk if I bricked it or what?

Welcome to the forum @Metrod7278

Switching between Arduino and RUI3 bootloaders does usually not brick the devices permanently.

Did you try to follow our guides Updating RAK4631 to RUI3 and Converting RAK4631-R to RAK4631 to switch between the two versions?

ahh yes now it has worked the downloader before kept giving me an error idk why when i would click on it maybe my antivirus was blocking the page i tried turning it off and it worked thank you