Cannot set AppEUI on 7258 as Network Server / Application

Issue: Cannot set AppEUI

Setup: 7258 as Network Server / Application

LoRa® Server: 7258


Unlike written in the config guide I’m not getting an AppEUI field to be set, when I

  • operate 7258 as network server
  • set new application

According to screenshot in config manual I should get a window allowing to set AppEUI, but instead I get a window to select between “Unified Application Key” and “Separate Application Key” … neither selection helps …

As my devices/nodes come with preconfigured DevEUI/AppKey/AppEUI for OTAA I’m currently unable to join them …

What do I miss ??

Tnx and BR


As this is from September I assume you got this solved? Try moving the Auto Add Lora Device slider to ON.