Cannot upgrade RAK811 firmware/bootloader

Issue: Adapted datarate may not working so i decide to try another firmware.

Setup: Rak811 with CP2102 usb UART. RAK811 Version: RUI 3.05. AS923

Server: nothing

Details: When using LoraButton upgrade tool, only Enter BOOT mode success command appear and nothing happen after. When using stm32cubeprogrammer, the chip can be found over uart but cannot do anything include read/wirte. (when trying it said Chip is under protected mode).
Please help me to check adr at this firmware version, i tested Wisnode rak811 at and it work perfectly!

very sorry!
The bootloader of V3.0.0.14.H.bete2 and V3.0.0.13 are different.
I can send you e-mail if you need .
Please leave you e-mail. :smile: :smile: :smile:

you can using: [email protected]
please also send me a change log. In any time, i don’t see this firmware try to rejoin/resend packet. May be it is a bug?