Can't create organisation on

I’ve registered on when creating an organisation it’s asking for Licence Key where do we obtain this?

And a note of thanks this looks like it’s going to be a significant service offering.


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Hey there, I’ve been fighting with this too. I just noticed that the URL is now redirected to
I also noticed that my RAK ID I had made no longer worked, so I went ahead and made a new one. Turns out the interface has been updated now, no longer requiring that license.
I don’t think the service is quite 100% ready atm… there doesn’t seem to be a way to manage the gateway with a gui, only SSH. However, doesn’t seem like the in-browser SSH session even works yet… regardless, I can see the status of the gateway along with run a packet capture session.

@clevert Rock start I’m in thanks for posting.
Pricing is very good too
But as you say a bit early I’m trying to add GW that uses on board LNS a lot of duplication of what’s on the device config would of hoped the wisdm would of just requested it from GW.

But still very promising until it DELETED my GW Application only had three devices but still Unexpected behaviour. So make a Backup before experimenting

Ok thanks for the heads up. BTW, looks like the SSH tunnel is finally working. Any idea where WisGateOS SSH commands can be found? Having trouble finding documentation. I was hoping gateway-config might do something…