Can't get Battery operation to work

Hello, I put together my RAK Helium Mapper. When no rechargeable battery connected & usb connected, I get both solid red & green lights and I am able to BLE connect, configure & join device to Helium network. However when I plug battery in (Li 1600mAh 3.7V 103048), USB plugged in, I get a solid red light & flashing green light (2s on / 2s off), yet I am able to BLE connect. But any commands are unresponsive. What does this flashing green light signal (charging??) and why am I able to BLE connect, but unable to execute commands?

Welcome to the forum @macoulombe

The red LED is the charging indicator and will go off once the battery is fully loaded.
The green LED is a status LED and indicates a problem if flashing in 5 seconds interval.
While the LED is flashing, the BLE is still active, but the code handling BLE messages is not activated.

Can you try to push the reset button while the green LED is flashing?

Can you try to plug in the USB first and then connect the battery? What happens when you use this sequence?

Thx BeeGee. When battery is plugged in alone and flashing green, I hit reset, board resets and then goes back to flashing green (board connects, but not accepting commands). When I do your suggested sequence: Battery unplugged, USB Power On, red/green solid lights, than plug in battery. The lights remain solid and board is full responsive.

To make sure, I tested battery power and battery port (with USB power), and both get the required volts (4v).

I can’t seem to figure this out.

That is indeed a strange behavior. I have no explanation for it.
Just to make sure, the battery is a rechargeable LiIon or LiPo battery?

Did you flash the Helium Mapper by yourself or did you buy our pre-flashed Helium Mapper Kit?

It came pre-flashed.
At this point I can’t even get it to join the Helium network anymore. So I’m thinking it’s the board. I have ordered a new starter kit and will try with a new board.
Appreciate your help!