Can't get my RAK5010 to talk to me

I’ve just received my RAK5010, and I cannot get it to talk with me.
I’ve connected the USB port (which comes up as COM77), and opened it in Putty. No matter what character I type, I immediately get
“Invalid at command.

It can’t be an invalid AT command because I can’t get pass press the “a” key.
I’ve tried connecting a USB <-> Serial dongle to the GND, IO3, and IO4 pins. I get no output at all. I’ve tried swapping IO3 and IO4, still nothing. I’ve tried both with and without the connection to the VRef pin.

Any suggestions?

I’ve tried the RAK Serial Port tool, and after I try to send a first command, it hangs.

5010 need DTR, so you can try this serial tool:

Unfornately, that doesn’t work either:

First, maybe you can refer to this:

  1. Is the module power up normally?
    Blue led on and red blink. If just supply with usb, it maybe restart often. Better add a chargeable battery.

  2. Connect USB port like below. Check your set of the tool.

  3. About at command.
    at+version //check firmware version.
    at+set_config=cellular:(ATI) //check bg96 firmware version
    more details is below:

You should copy the serial tool exe and ini(config file) both to your pc. The ini stores the right config.

Power is from USB.
The blue LED is solid, the red LED is blinking.

I’ve connected an FDDI serial cable to the IO pins on a second module, and I do get the banner when I press the reset button. Version is
Nothing that I type into the terminal window gets any response. I’ve tried with putty, SSCOM, and RAK_SERIAL_PORT_TOOL.

Under the device manager, I get “USB Serial Device (COM88)”. I’ve tried opening it with Putty, SSCOM, and RAK_SERIAL_PORT_TOOL. If I send “AT+VERSION”, I get the message “Invalid at command”.

This happens with both modules, so I don’t think this is a HW problem.
(As an aside, I can get an RAK2011 module working, so I must be doing something right.)

And I have copied the .ini file over.

Oh, and I have tried the nRF Connect program, and it doesn’t find the board.

Do you have TeamViewer? I can help long range. Send user and code to my mailbox
[email protected]

thanks for the help in getting it working. “Putty” doesn’t work at all, and it seems to put the module into a very weird state. As we also saw, trying to use more than one of the interfaces confuses the module as well. Sometimes, cycling DTR seems to fix it.