Can't upgrade to Chirpstack v4 - Support new MQTT protocol

Hello RAK team,

Chirpstack v4 is nearly released, and we are eager to move to it for it’s enhanced feature set.

Unfortunately, some (perhaps just the down link command) of the MQTT Protobuf definitions have changed, and the built-in gateway bridge is not compatible. The changes, from what I can tell, are mostly a reorganization of the parameters. You can find the new definitions here:

Chirpstack’s own gateway bridge was made to be backwards compatible.

Are there plans to support Chirpstack v4 with the RAK7289?

Thank you

We have the same issue.
I was starting to deploy a new instance of out production server and faced this issue. We have 50 gateways so it is a big deal, there are some new features in Chirpstack V4 that we really need.
Thanks in advance!

I tested it and I can see the protobuff issue:

Migration stopped for now I guess

Hello @stormforce133 ,

Chirpstack V4 is not yet supported by our gateways, we are working on such a feature, but for now, we do not support is.

Best Regards,


These are very minor changes (as I indicated in the original post). When can we expect to see them?


Hi @abalmos,
I can not estimate the time as of now, but it will be soon.


Will there also be a firmware upgrade for RAK7258?

Hello @jan,

Yes, there will be firmware upgrade with ChirpStack V4 integration for RAK7258 as well.

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