Connect RAK7258 to ChirpStack v4?

I am currently my RAK7258 (Firmware: 1.3.6_RAK b150, Mode: Packet Forwarder) with ChirpStack v3 and I would like to upgrade to ChirpStack v4? In the LoRa Network settings I can only select ChirpStack v3.

Is it compatible with v4 even when using v3? Or will there be a firmware upgrade in the near future to support v4?

I can confirm that RAK’s v3 integration is incompatible with Chirpstack v4 (TX does not work, and so nothing can join). Why they don’t just run Chirpstack’s own gateway bridge is beyond me…

Any updates on this? RAK7258 with firmware 1.3.9 still not working with Chirpstack v4…

Hi @mike_fdb,

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Could you please, elaborate more on about the gateway configuration. May I ask you if you have received any errors, if you can also share the information with us.

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Hi Ivan,

thanks for you reply. The gateway is configured as a packet forwarder (MQTT for Chirpstack 3.x (PROTOBUF)). If a join request comes from a Lora sensor, this is handled correctly on Chirpstack v4 and the sensor is activated. The downlink is then also sent to the gateway, but the message “Pb txinfo is NULL” always appears in the log. The Lora sensor does not receive a “join-accept” message and starts to send a new “join-request” again.